Sunday, November 10, 2013

Wiskune and Hocus Pocus in Northampton

Wiskune, the mystic carried his mystery and fun to
the Hocus Pocus exhibit at the Paradise City Arts
Festival in Northampton as promised in the last
post..and yes, he posed for a good photo before
leaving for his permanent home.

This Hocus Pocus exhibit was a good mixture of
mayhem and magic.


 I was intrigued by the magical ships of Rafaela McCormack.
Into what worlds of magic might the paper sculptures in
the exhibit and her booth be sailing?

Of course what would hocus pocus be without a few rabbits,
pigs and frogs?  Alan and Rosemary Bennett provided these

Since magic, mystery and fun is embedded in much of
my work, I offered this large sketchbook/journal to
the exhibit to encourage a spell or story or two.

In Northampton, I also experimented with
a new backdrop for my booth.  I discovered had the perfect wrinkle free
washable backdrop to give a clean look.  Since so
much of my work involves black leather, the
white really helps.(I'm not sure why the black
cloth looks so funky in this is plain
black - not textured gray as it looks here.

After the Paradise City Arts Festival, I was off to
NYC for the American Fine Craft Show NYC.  Next
post about that experience Oct. 24-27.

Adventure on!   Wendy

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